27 May

Hi all! I’m Caitie. You can all totally call me Caitie 😉

I’m a writer and have been watching the world of Self-Publishing for some time. With permission of my Agent, I’m going to start a little SPing of my own. I thought it would be fun, interesting, and productive to blog about it.

Where things are now:

I’ve written a Short. It’s cute. I forgot how cute it was. I’ve reworked it a little, taking out a lot of the newbie mistakes I made when I wrote it a few years ago. That in itself was a great experience. I think it’s important for writers to go back and check out their early selves — Kind of like pointing and laughing at your prom picture at your reunion 😉

Now, the Short is with a couple trusted writer friends. We’re doing some edits and trying to catch typos and basically trying to make it as strong as possible with a panel of people and no “editor” – I don’t want my poor little Short to be one of those examples of why SPing is bad bad bad.

Also, there haven’t been any stock pictures that catch the story, so there will be photo taking and adventures in cover making.

Warning: I have zero visual creative skills, so you might want to stick around just for the comedy of errors that will be.

Whatevery you’re here for, thanks for stopping by. I’ll try to update each week and let you know just how the adventure is going.


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