Am I Published Yet? ….. How ’bout Now?

23 Jun

So, the cover is done. The formating was borrowed. The edits are in. Everything is ready to go.

Can I get a big WOOT?

Unfortunately, when I did all this Tuesday, I made a few newbie mistakes.

First, my paragraphs would not indent. A friend went in and fixed those. I need to learn how to do it for next time (next time! Exciting words!)

Secondly, I put myself through “Draft” three times. Yes. Three.

The first time was normal.

The second time, I couldn’t find anything wrong and assumed I hadn’t hit the right button. So I hit it…again.

Six hours later the email from Amazon came telling me that I hadn’t listed an author.

Really? 6 hours? So, I was back in draft for no reason.

Well, there was a reason, but I hadn’t known it early enough.

Annnnd another newbie mistake. I don’t know if I didn’t read closely enough or if it’s not stated. I’d listed myself as the author elsewhere, so I was a bit surprised I needed to do it under “contributors” also. There I’d only listed Razzle Dazzle designs as the cover people (Have I mentioned I love my cover? Check it out one post down!)

So, I listed myself yesterday and now…. I’m in Draft again.

Here’s hoping that goes through soon!


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