Self-Publishing Numbers: Week 7… kind of

14 Aug

This is where I typically give you the numbers for the previous week and tell you about anything fun that happened.

This  week I tell you the not so fun thing that happened. Wednesday night Amazon stopped reporting sales numbers. My rank still rose and fell. I spent some time in the teens again. It was obvious sales were happening.

The numbers for this week have not been fully updated. I had a three-hour period where a couple sales came in, and then back to a moving sales rank but no sales data. And so, with no sales data, this is what we have for now:

Day 1:  10 (1 day)
Week 1:    9
Week 2:  15
Week 3:  15
Week 4:  17
Week 5:  15
Week 6:  10
Week 7:   9

I’m estimating just from the movement I’ve seen that Amazon owes my count somewhere between 4 and 7 additional sales. We’ll see what happens. The people over on the kindleboards say this isn’t a first. I am getting the vibe that it’s never lasted this long before though.

Here’s hoping for the best!

Feel free to post your numbers in the comments!



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