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The New Site is LIVE!

22 May

The new site is live! I won’t promise there’s no more tweaking to happen. There will be once I have the new books and the Big News up in 1.5 weeks. And I need to figure some more fun stuff out (like that darn Spotify).

It’s my first site that is more than just a blog, so a whole new thing to learn. Which means, I’d love your advice.

This site will be coming down at the end of the week, so make sure if you want to keep talking about publishing, you follow us over to to check it out.

I’ll still be talking about self-publishing and how it’s going. My year-end wrap-up will still happen next month. I’ll still be talking about writing and my books… BUT, I’ll also be sharing more about some other stuff. You know I have an agent I work with under another name…. well, stay tuned because I’ll be talking more about that also 🙂



Stop Making It A Big Deal

3 May

Every week A Writer comes forward on some blog or news site to talk about how they’ve been won over! Going Indie is not evil! In fact, they think everyone should look into going indie or hybrid or some version of self-publishing perhaps on their blog with shorts or serials!

The problem is, like any time you have a “I’m okay with it” topic –>  you know everyone’s not okay with it if people have to keep telling you HOW okay with it they are. There seem to be a lot of justification going on for going Indie.

As if “I decided it was what was best for my career and my readers” wasn’t enough.

Instead, we keep having these big “Well, now *I* see the light so it’s the right thing to do” article somewhere.

Here’s the truth: You want Indie to be respected, to be the equivalent for readers? Then we all need to stop treating it like it’s this special decision we made. Like it was anything other than the best decision for our writing careers and readers.

I publish Indie. I also have an agent and I’ll be honest, we would not sneeze at a NY deal without seriously considering it. Both have ups. Both have downs (Check out @sara_ramsey tweets yesterday from #RT13 about Self-Pub V Trad for some big names discussing those). Both are publishing.

There will one day come a day when we don’t have to ANNOUNCE we’re going Indie or explain (read: Justify) our reasoning.

That path starts with each of us. Let’s hope that soon Trad writers with enough of a following to get article space will embrace their decision and leave off with this “apologize later” form of publicity.


Favorite Goodreads Misunderstanding… EVER

2 May

I know Goodreads is a hot discussion topic all around. Everyone feels strongly about how to use it. Do you chat with reviewers? Do you even read your reviews?

A friend of mine has teenagers (trust me, this is going somewhere.) She once said that their rooms were like this magical place that while, somehow being INSIDE the house, aren’t really part of the house. That’s how I’ve typically treated reviews.

I know when I used to write reviews, I didn’t want the author bouncing in all the time – even to say “thanks” because I felt a bit watched — what if I didn’t care for her next book???

So, when a friend emailed me to say, “One of your friends just reviewed KISS. She even called you ‘Darling’” I almost didn’t go check it out. I’m really glad I did… because not only was the reviewer not a friend, but she definitely wasn’t calling me darlin’ (although, readers, feel free to call me darlin’ whenever you want!)

Here’s why she thought that:

So, yes. I finally commented on a review. My friend’s flub was too cute not to!

And, with that, I want to take one more opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to read my books and post something. I’m always amazed that people take the time. Even if I stay out of it, I always appreciate the effort every time I cave and see what’s going on in Goodreadslandia!