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The Anti-Marketer

10 Apr

That’s me. The anti-marketer. Maybe I should cap it like a title: The Anti-Marketer.

Everytime I try to do some type of marketing thing, it turns into a big fail. I mean like, zero sales for that period. Obviously, not the point of marketing. I actually bought a fairly large ad on a big romance site and was put on a page with some heavy-hitters…. sales drop to zero. I did an interview with someone who focuses on hand selling indie books she liked…. sales drop to zero. It goes on.

I stopped doing marketing for this reason. I’ve actually been asked not to RT someone’s launch kiddingly… Geez, I hope it was kiddingly!

Now, here I am in April, traditionally the worst sales month for me, with horrible sales and an eh-showing in the Best Indie Romance Novella finals (go vote! go vote!) and wondering, what’s an Anti-Marketer to do?

I can tell from my sales when there’s been chatter or a good review from someone with a following. Readers trust readers. I know that’s true for me. Most of my book purchases are based on word-of-mouth or reviews. But, word-of-mouth (true, honest WoM) can’t be bought, brought, or bribed for. I don’t believe in spamming or “casually” bringing up my book places that are meant for readers not writers.

So, here I am, riding out April and wondering if there’s some secret Marketing Club where any attempt to share the word about your book doesn’t kill your sales. Sometimes, just writing the next book is all you can do… not for the marketing (although so many writers swear by that) but for the sanity.

This is one of the reasons I think it’s important to track sales. I know April is not my friend. Maybe I’ll start naming all the antagonists April and just get it out of my system that way.

My point? If you don’t know when your downtimes are, when they hit they’re always going to hit hard. They’re always going to feel like the end of the world. They’re always going to give you something to worry about. And, if you’re an Anti-Marketer, it forces you to stop and ask, what if this time was different? What if this time I tried something and it worked.

Me, I have two books due to editors in the next month. I think I’ll go focus on that.

Good luck with that darn April, everyone.



Things I’ve Been Wanting To Say

14 Aug

So, there’s been a few things I’ve been wanting to say lately. But, I’ve been holding my tongue. Force of habit.

Then I remembered part of this indie adventure was to tell others about it. So here, with no specifics, are some things I’ve been wanting to say.

Every time you say “anyone who has or wants an agent is an idiot” you are saying I, Caitie, am  an idiot. *glances at IQ test* Ok, not to sound snotty, but that test says I’m definitely not an idiot. My business experience and education are pretty hardcore too.

So, I know I’m not an idiot…and yet, I find your words personally insulting, especially when they’re said directly after my post about my agent. 1+1 isn’t going to magically equal 7 if I call you on it.

What if I said this in return: You DON’T want an agent? Why not? Afraid you can’t get one? Dude, you’re totally an idiot for not chasing every option in publication possible.  Not everything I write would be great to publish indie. Some of it needs to go under the other name to be successful. Needs to go through my agent to certain publishers.

Yes, I COULD publish it here. But smart isn’t bull-headed. Smart does what is best for that book.

Remember, sometimes it’s best to just be right in your own head.

Speaking of smart not being bull-headed, if someone gives you advice from loads of experience. Don’t argue with them.

If you don’t agree with them, fine. Do it your way. Ignore the years of experience. You may be right. There is always that chance. But, don’t argue with them. That persons went out of the way to give you knowledge they got the hard way. They’re trying to be helpful. When you try to be helpful and someone with far less experience/knowledge argues with you and publicly tells you how wrong or “stupid” that is… you’re making you look bad.

One of the last people you ever want to make look bad is you.

We talked about this already on the How To Lose Readers Before You’re Even Published post, but being gracious goes a long way… being rude goes even further. Just not in the direction you want.

And, there be our rant for the weekend. Aaaarrr (no idea what’s up with the pirate thing today)

Feel free to argue with me 😉