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Rock Star Crushes – Book Giveaway!

13 Dec

We all have one. You know what I’m talking about. That guy… the rock star. Even if you weren’t one to pin Tiger Beat to your wall (I don’t think I’ve ever even opened a fan mag), you probably still have a singer who makes you swwwwoooooooonnnn.

It could be his voice or the way he moves or the songs he writes, but whatever it is it got your attention and it’s not letting go.

Personally, I have always loved Bono — even at his most sell-out-over-the-top ridiculousness. I know I’m not alone 😉

But, I got to thinking about rock stars and why we love them after reading Elyssa Patrick’s One Hit Wonder for the third time (yup, it’s a new release and I’ve read it three times. It’s so fun!)

And so, I just can’t help myself! I need to give it away to some other lucky reader!!! You NEED THIS BOOK. No. Really. I’m not kidding. I know I jest a lot, not this time.

So, tell me who your rock star crush was growing up… or maybe even now for a chance to win!

I’ll be drawing for it Friday night.